Although the terms are used interchangeably, there really is a difference between couches and sofas in Ottawa. This could be important if you are ordering this piece of furniture online and you want to be sure you get the item you need.

Sofas x Couches

Each is a larger piece of furniture used for sitting. Sofa comes from the Arabic "suffah," which is a raised floor section covered with carpets and cushions. Think back to some old movies. The couch seems to derive from "couche" or French for lie down. Couch has developed the connotation that it is a more casual item.

The couch is a smaller version of the piece and has no arms. So, you need to decide whether you need a larger item for entertaining or a somewhat smaller one for snuggling. Whether it has arms or not can also play into the picture. If your family doesn't mind perching, then it really extends the seating. If you are looking at apartment size, the sofa is going to fit much better in proportion to the room size.

There are also other terms like a loveseat, which is an even smaller, two-seater. A settee comes to us from the Old English, which was a long bench with a high back and arms, very much like a "Chesterfield" or "Davenport." Futons are Japanese comprised of a mattress and duvet. It can be folded for storage or left for seating and sleeping. Futons are kind of like a daybed, which is a hybrid of a chaise longue, a couch, and a bed. Usually, they have a high back and sides. Sometimes they are pulled out so that you have a couch by day and a bed at night. We are not even going to address the Murphy Bed.

When to choose one over the other?

Realize that this is all tech talk. The salesperson may or may not understand these nuances or even care. You need to know by size and shape what you want and what will work in the space you have. If you want to curl up with your honey on the weekends and read the paper, maybe a smaller size is for you. The most important part is to know your need and your available space.

Choosing perfect sofas or couches in Ottawa for you.

Once you know those basics, it's time to start considering style. Our collection has a range of styles from classic to contemporary. If you like the classics, then you'll want something with simple lines and maybe even some tufting. If you prefer a more modern look, we've got something for you too. You can even mix and match different styles to create your perfect space. We've got a range of fabrics to choose from as well, including leather, velvet, and linen. Check out our online Ottawa furniture store to know all of our options.