Spring through Fall, many people seem to live outdoors in good weather. Part of that time is spent on their patio or deck. That includes relaxing, dining, playing, entertaining, and celebrating. To do that, it is necessary to have outdoor furniture. When shopping and buying, there are a number of factors to consider, including function, comfort, and material. Also included are the size and price range.  

Tips for buying outdoor furniture in Ottawa


Part of the issue will be how much shade does the area gets and how wet it will be? Consider whether or not there are large trees to provide some protection or a roof over the place. Hot, dry weather will splinter and crack wood and wetness will cause rot. Winds can blow lightweight chairs and cushions all around your yard or even neighbourhood. Sun will fade paint and bleach the colour from fabrics as well as destroy plastics.

Metal will rust but will withstand UV rays, while plastic and rubber are highly vulnerable. Wood furnishing may come with factory-applied sealants, but as that wears off, you will need to refinish it or re-purchase.

Available Space

In addition to the amount of space (area or square footage), you will need to consider the configuration of the space and its relation to the other elements like stairs, houses, grass, and terrain. That will determine the amount of furniture you can accommodate and how it can be placed to give you seating and dining area plus traffic patterns.

Smaller spaces are better suited to a bar table with stools to take up less space. Bistro tables are also popular.

The takeaway here is to know how much available space you have and to compare it to the size of the furniture when you go shopping. Take exact measurements and even a sketch.


As you sit on the furnishings, make sure they are comfortable. Are they easy to get into and out of? Is there enough knee room? Are they stable? How will they feel with cushions?

When you invest in pillows and seat cushions, buy the best outdoor fabric, fade and mildew-resistant, as you can afford. The basic furniture will outlast the accessories.  

Think about adding hammocks and daybeds.


Plan on enough room to store at least the pillows and cushions when not in use. That will help them last longer and keep them fresh in case of rain. Consider outdoor furniture that folds flat for storage.


Try to get the best value for your money.  

  • Shop at the end of summer, July or August, for sales as the shops are trying to reduce their inventory.
  • Go for durability 
  • Watch for yard sales, especially if the house is up for sale.

Shop outdoor furniture in Ottawa

After you have read our tips, it's time to shop for outdoor furniture. We have a range of products you can use to furnish your patio or balcony. Check out our online store to know all of our items and to get the best deals in the city.