Few of us outfit an entire house at once. It is more likely that it has evolved over time by replacing certain pieces or upgrading with moves. If you find yourself mixing styles like Midcentury or modern furniture in Ottawa, or even incorporating family heirlooms, you can become overwhelmed or confused. Here are some guidelines that can help.

Mixing different styles of Ottawa furniture


Try to keep your colour palette in the same family. Or, go neutral with black, white, and grays but add pops of colour for interest.


Look at the proportion of the pieces to each other. Achieving a balance between the delicate, substantial, and unique is easier than you might think.


You can undoubtedly mix different styles if you repeat some elements like cut glass lamps or a theme like florals. Continuity is key.


Framing and showcasing your grandmother's handmade quilt as a focal point can be the starting point. Another idea is to repeat curves inside tables, area rugs, or accessories.


If you are looking for period pieces to go in your office, you may think in terms of a professor's study with panelled walls and rich furnishings.


Much like scale, you need to be sure one colour or texture does not overpower the others.

Time to visit a furniture store in Ottawa!

The best place to start is with a reputable furnishings store. Speak with designers. Find what appeals to your inspiration and personality, and start choosing your new furniture! When you are shopping for new furniture, it is important to keep in mind the overall theme and feel of your space, even when you are mixing styles. You want the pieces you select to be in keeping with the atmosphere you are trying to create. When you are ready to shop for furniture, make sure to check our online store.