Going to a furniture store in Ottawa to buy new furniture is exciting and can be a dent in the budget. You would like to do it correctly the first time because you will undoubtedly need to live with your purchases for many years.

Here are some of the more common mistakes and how to avoid them.


Measure the room to be sure the furnishings will fit. That includes doorways, halls, and stairs. 


Much like measurements, the size of the piece in relation to the size of the room and the other furniture and accessories can be off. You need to plan the entire space, including traffic patterns, to ensure everything will be in the correct proportions.


Sit on the sofa or chair. Pull a chair up to the dining room table to see if the height is right. Some mattress companies even permit a free 30 day trial period. 


Just because you love the look of an item in a store does not mean it will be just the right piece. Often you are in a hurry because people will be coming to visit, or you are tired or impatient. Avoid being hasty.

Group shopping

Bringing along a lot of family members or a posse of friends can be disastrous. Each will have their own opinion based on their personality, not necessarily yours. It will get loud and confusing. Salespeople hate it.

Good Help

Just the opposite. Listen to what salespeople say, especially in terms of options. If you shop during workday hours, you will get more personalized attention because there will not be the weekend crowds all asking for help. 


Price comparisons and waiting for sales to pay off in the long run. Ask about discounts if you are buying several pieces. Store financing can result in a significant increase in the overall price due to interest rates, especially in a buy now/pay later situation.


You may think you know the exact shade of green that you need, but you probably don't. Lights in showrooms are often different than you have in your home. Bring along colour swatches.


Keeping in the spirit of the times is fine but do it with accessories. Keep your significant purchases things you will want to live with for years.


Understand who will be using your furniture and in what manner. If you have young children who will be enjoying mid-afternoon snacks, a white sofa may not be a good choice. Keep in mind any furry family as well.

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