Your sofa needs rejuvenation. You may be browsing Ottawa furniture stores or looking at having it recovered. One of the fundamental questions is whether to go with fabric or leather for a sofa. Generally, durability, maintenance, appearance, personal preference, and cost are the main considerations.

Here are some pros and cons.


As soon as you mention fabric, you will find many more choices than leather. Fabric is a very broad category, so do some research.


This is generally softer than leather and warmer. For that reason, as soon as you sit in it, it feels “broken in.” Be sure it restores itself when you stand up.


Depending on the type of fabric (silk vs. denim) and its grade, and it will withstand more abuse. Most are pre-treated with stain-resistant chemicals. Fabric is more durable with children and pet claws.


There is a greater choice of texture and colours.


These are lower cost than leather.


For a classy feel and appearance, leather is the answer. Faux leather will have many of the characteristics of genuine leather, but it may not age as well. You will need to be cautious about cracks or splits and deal with them promptly to avoid permanent damage.


No dust mites, pet dander, or other allergens.


This is simply elegant. For a sleek, modern look, this is very popular.


Fabric needs vacuuming and cleaning, but leather can take just a dusting or mild wipe off and rub down two or three times a year.


Leather can feel sticky if you are warm or sweaty and can seem cool in the winter.

If you are reading this, chances are that you are looking for a new sofa. Visit our Ottawa furniture store or check our our online store for a variety of leather and fabric sofa options.