Not everyone realizes that the style of modern furniture in Ottawa have several approaches or substyles. If you like the clean, sleek appearance of modern design but also have a tendency to enjoy some other concepts as well, read on to see how everything can be compatible. 

5 different styles of bedroom modern furniture in Ottawa

Mid-century Modern

If you like the mid-century style but still want the pared-down approach for your bedroom, start with a matching bed, nightstand, and furnishings with warm wood tones and tapered legs. Twist in modern with op art pillows or geometric-shaped side lamps. This will give you a classic note and still be practical and streamlined.


Lots of metal and shine give a bedroom the edge of industrial. Complement the furnishings with gray tones to enhance the metallic feel. This is still neutral but can be easily adapted to mid-century.


Chic and eclectic, this is a playful concept that starts with bold colours and adds textiles and art to look composed and thrown together simultaneously. If your personality is quirky, this is for you.


Less is less and still gives me everything I need is the motto of the minimalist. However, you would like the room to feel a little less cold but still not ornate. Try textures and geometric patterns. Add some greenery, even faux, to give some colour and focal points.


The farmhouse is one of the more popular options. An upholstered headboard, soft rug and bench will start you off. Look for wooden nightstands and pillow sets to add to the comfort of a modern rustic bedroom.

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