Combining decorating styles can be a challenge, but one of the more difficult combinations is traditional and modern. They seem so very opposite. But with the help of a good furniture store in Ottawa, it is possible to find pieces that will work together.

What is traditional and modern furniture?

Before starting to use these two styles, let's define each one.


This is somewhat casual but homey. Each piece has a purpose and place. It is functional and comfortable. Its design is characterized:

  • Vertical and horizontal lines
  • Muted fabrics and colours
  • Mid-range colours that don't stand out
  • Wood furnishings with curved lines
  • White woodwork or trim
  • Simplistic


Modern and contemporary are two different styles. Modern is very minimalistic and contrasting. While textures may be heavy, the lines are sleek.

  • Use of natural fibres
  • Clean and simple lines and colours
  • Metal
  • Natural light from unadorned windows
  • Few accessories

Mixing traditional and modern furniture in Ottawa the right way.

There are ways to combine these two diverse styles.


Allow one style to be the primary style. Then you can blend in with the others. So, you will have modern with traditional accents, or the reverse.

Piece by Piece

Look at each individual piece and find its best feature, i.e. colour, texture, shape, etc. When you see some commonality, you will be able to integrate the furnishings.

Harmony or Contrast

Another choice is whether you want to balance or excitement.


Find the elements that will make the space cohesive. It may mean some new upholstery or accessories, but it can be done.

Finding the perfect items.

The search for the products might be the best part of renewing the way your interior design looks. There are many ways to find beautiful pieces for your home that will match a lovely mix of traditional and modern decoration. You can find the perfect treasures to fill your home with character and style with a little bit of work.

Shop in the best Ottawa furniture store.

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